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The Montana Stroke Initiative developed the following guidelines to help empower stroke programs across the state of Montana with up to date order sets and information to promote The expedient treatment of stroke. Click on the pictures below to download specific information and guidelines.  
IV Drip.jpg
Alteplase Reconstitution
and Administration
IV Drip.jpg
Alteplase Dosing and Administration Checklist
Alteplase dose.jpg
Alteplase Criteria for Patients with Deficits
with deficits.jpg
Code stroke.jpg
Emergency Department Code Stroke Orders 
Emergency Department Order Set for Strokes >24 hrs
Hemorrhagic Stroke Admission Orders
hemorrhagic stroke.png
Ischemic Stroke                Admission Orders
ischemic stroke.png
Post Alteplase 
Admission Orders
post admin.jpg
Thrombectomy Criteria
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